Airport Express

Opened in July 19, 2008, the Airport Express is a light express rail line running between Dongzhimen and Beijing Capital Airport. The train travels at the speed of over 110 km/h and it only needs 16 minutes for the whole 28-kilometer-distance from Dongzhimen to Terminal 3, Beijing Capital Airport.
The Airport Express stops at 4 stations: Dongzhimen, Sanyuanqiao, Terminal 3, and Terminal 2 respectively.

airport express map

The Airport Express Details

(Depart From Terminal 2) First Train: 6:35am Last Train: 11:10pm
(Depart From Terminal 3) First Train: 6:21am Last Train: 10:51pm
(From Dongzhimen) First Train: 6:00am Last Train: 10:30pm
Running intervals: Every 3 minutes
Price: RMB16
airport express
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