Beijing One Day Great Wall Tour

The great wall is one of the must visit attractions in Beijing. This amazing huge creation with length 6,700 km was built formilitary purpose and has been awarded as one of the 7 wonders in the world.

There are a few combination of great wall hike that Beijing impression can offer if you are willing to spend 1 whole day just for this purpose. We can bring you to the Simatai great wall which is well known for the only great wall that still remains the structure as original. Perhaps, you would like to visit the three most popular great wall in Beijing, which is the Badaling great wall, Mutianyu great wall and Juyongguan great wall. By the way, if you would like to find something special about great wall, we still have something to offer you. Have you ever visit the great wall in the sea? We have trip visiting the Laolongtou which is the starting point of the great wall from the East. Please grab the opportunity to visit all the unique creation during your stay in Beijing.

One Day Great Wall Tour

BGH-04 Jinshanling Great Wall One Day Hiking Tour
The only Great Wall which remains the original appearance
Price: From US $103/RMB 618
BGH-05 Gubeikou to Jinshanling Great Wall One Day Hiking Tour
Two joint parts of Great Wall which remain original apperance of Ming Dynasty
Price: From US $95/RMB 570
BGH-06 Juyongguan-Badaling-Mutianyu Great Wall One Day Hiking Tour
The three most famous sections of Great Wall in Beijing
Price: From US $94/RMB 564
BGH-07 One Day Great Wall Hiking Tour to Huangyaguan in Tianjin
Hiking 4 hours at Huangyaguang Great Wall in Tianjin
Price: From US $81/RMB 486
BGH-08 One Day Great Wall Tour to Shanhaiguan Pass-Old Dragon’s Head-Jiaoshan Great Wall
Tour to the begining of the 4,000 mile-long Great Wall
Price: From US $178/RMB 1068
BGH-09 Wild Great wall hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu
Enjoy hiking to the prettiest Great walls in one day.
Price: From US $98/RMB 590
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