Meet Our Team Members is made up young professionals from the tourism industry. All of us are enthusiastic to strive for the best and achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our honored customers. We understand that each of you wish to have a wonderful and pleasant trip in Beijing, so we are trying our best to ensure everything is right and therefore outcome with a unforgettable Beijing vacation for you.
Our team is consisting of travel writers, tour operators, hotel and ticketing specialists, professional technicians as well as experienced English speaking tour guides.

Travel writers
Travel writers are responsible for recording all the information about Beijing attractions, Beijing guide, Beijing Restaurants, Beijing nightlife, Beijing Shopping as well as everything related to Beijing as a city. All these writings will be useful especially for our honored customers to have a general idea of Beijing city before starting their Beijing journey. By the way, all these information has enriched the online resources of and enable our website to be a powerful resource of online information provider especially for almost all angles regarding Beijing city.

Tour Operators
Tour operators are the one who in charge of travel itinerary and Beijing travel routes of They will analyze the market trends, wise planning by all rounded service as well as including all the criteria that might cause some side effect to the overall tour package. Moreover, they are the one who responsible to quote for your customized tour packages too. Our tour operators will in charge from the beginning of initial contacts until the follow up emails after the end of your Beijing vacation. They are the travel planners who have direct contact with you and serve as the one who really understand your needs throughout your holiday.

Hotel and ticketing specialists
If tour packages is not the only service that you need throughout your Beijing vacation, but you also need someone to cater for your hotel reservation as well as ticketing service, then this is where hotel and ticketing specialists come in to aid you. Our hotel specialists are well trained on the reservation procedures of local hotels and are able to suggest you with hotels which suit all your requirements. All you need to do is just providing them with the criteria of your desired hotel such as the rate, location, star rating or places of interests near by. Then they will come out with some suggestions for you. Besides that, if you need our ticketing service, then our ticketing specialist is always there for you. No matter what type of transportation ticket that you need, air ticket or train ticket, we will get it ready for you at your convenience. At the same time, our ticketing specialist can also provide you with advice of the best travel route if you require.

Professional technicians
The professional technicians play a very important role in ensuring the proper functionality of our website. Most of our customers get to know us via our website as it is one of the most vital gateways for us to deal with our international guests. In this case, we will seem as if a car without wheel if our website is not in a proper condition. So, our professional technicians are trying their best to maintain our website running well and always maintain our website to be user friendly so that our valued customers can find it easy to operate.

English speaking tour guides
Since our main targeted market are foreign customers, thus offering quality service in an international language is compulsory to win this game. As a result, we choose to provide services in English language as our major tour services. All our tour guides are able to communicate well in English. In this case, language problem is no more a limitation for you if you wish to travel in Beijing. Our experienced tour guides will explain the Beijing attractions in details for you in order to help to discover more about Beijing, the city which full of stories. Our tour guides are well trained and have very good knowledge of Beijing city. They know almost every interesting place in Beijing and we can say that it is impossible that you find something regarding Beijing city that they can’t answer. If you don’t believe, why don’t you put it a try and prepare some questions to ask them within your Beijing tour with