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Winter at Summer Palace
Beijing news 2011/3/1
Source from news.cnWinter scene at Summer Palace. Frozen lake covered by snow at Summer Palace. Beauty of ancient Chinese architecture within Summer Palace. White snowflakes kept falling down but this showed no effect on the beauty of Summer Palace. Boats floated on frozen lake a…

Expansion of Badaling Scenic Area
Beijing news 2011/3/1
Year 2011 is the 30th anniversary of the foundation of Badaling Special District Management Office. According to the spokesperson of the Badaling office, a series of expansion projects will be taken place within this year. After the expansion project, it is estimated that the total area of Badaling …

Increment of Airline Fuel Surcharge from March 1st
Travel news 2011/3/1
As an effect of the high rise international oil price, many airline companies have increased fuel surcharge which effective from March 1st. According to one of the largest airline ticketing company in China, quite a number of surcharge increment notice has been received recently and effective from M…