9.18 Protest, the Prelude to War Against Japan

Today is Sep. 18, a date imprinted in the history of China. On Sep. 18 of 1931, the Japanese attacked the Northeast China and started its bloody and shameless invasion.


81 years is a long time for forgetting and forgiving. China thought they could be friends with Japanese, but the truth is that a leopard cannot change its spots. With the purchase of Diaoyu Islands by the Japanese, the resentment against the Japanese is on fire in China.

Today many people voluntarily go on the streets for the protest against the Japanese. Many Japanese firms like Canon, Panasonic and Lion temporarily shut their factories in China in fear of the Chinese’s angers on this special date.

Unlike other defeated countries in the World War II, the Japanese government never officially apologized to the Asian countries they invaded. What the Japanese government did is to deny the invasion fact and worship the notorious soldiers involved in the World War II as their heroes.

On this special date, all the Chinese clearly expressed their positions—fight back. The history of 9.18 should never be forgotten. So far, all the travelling agencies in China stop the tourism business to Japan.