Chinese Ethnic Tourism Part 16–Kazakhs

China is a multiple-ethnic nation consisting of 56 cultural groups. Besides Han, there are total 55 minorities. Each group has its own unique culture and customs. In order to promote the ethnic tourism, we made this series for your rough reference.

Today’s focus will be Kazakh minority. The Kazakhs are widely spread in the Central areas of Euro-Asian continent like China, Russia, Mongolia, Turkey and Uzbekistan.  Xinjiang, Gansu and Qinghai are three major habitats for Chinese Kazakhs.

According to the census of 2010, there are a total of 1,462,000 Kazakhs living in China. The Kazakhs people have deft fingers. Their embroidery pieces are exported to the world with good appraisals.

Kazakhs people have their own language and unique life style. They show great respect for the elderly. If a young man drink wine in the face of the elderly, it is not permitted.  Most of the Kazakhs take Islam as their religion. There are some taboos such as eating no pork and animals’ blood.  In food, they like a wide variety of flour delicacies. Tea plays an important role in Kazakhs’ dietary structure. Most of them drink brick tea. Adding mare’s milk or other milk into the brick tea will get the mellow milk tea.

The best touring season recommended by us will be between May and Oct. In case you need any other information, you are free to us at any time.