Frequent asking questions regarding to the 72-hour visa free in Beijing

Frequent asking questions:

Can i stay in Beijing after the expiration of 72-hour visa-free period?
Under normal circumstances, layover foreigners benefiting from 72-hour visa-free period shall leave Beijing within the due time. In case of situations such as sudden diseases requiring urgent treatment, force majeure leading to the flight cancellation and involvement with legal cases expecting further investigation from the police, the public security bureau shall issue the visa in accordance with the relevant rules for those layover visitors who are unable to exit in due time.

Can 72-hour visa-free visitors be freed from the customs inspection?
No. they can not be freed from customs inspections. To prevent the spread of diseases, the inspection and quarantine department at the port will set up special fast channel for 72-hour visa-free layover visitors. Advanced equipment such as infrared intelligent temperature alarm and X-ray apparatuses will be employed for fast inspection.

Hi,I am currently in South Korea, I have French citizenship. If I go to Beijing for 2 days and go back to South Korea, do I need to apply for a Chinese visa, or am I eligible for the free-visa 72h plan?
No, this policy is not applicable for such situation. You must apply for a valid visa. But if you fly to another country after spending 2 days in Beijing, this policy works.

Are pets allowed for the entry?
72-hour visa-free visitors entering China with pets shall take their pets to the appointed area for the inspection and quarantine during their stay. When they exit China, the inspection and quarantine staffs shall monitor the exit of the pets as well.
Visa-free visitors with assistance dogs such as guide dogs and hearing dogs can get the permission of travelling in China with their assistance dogs as long as the assistances dogs can pass the field quarantine and they can provide valid certificates about the assistance dogs.  When visitors exit China, their assistance dogs shall leave with them at the same time under the monitoring of inspection and quarantine staffs.