Harmful Food Part 2

Be careful on the following food.

Instant noodles


Many people like to eat instant noodles. But eating too much will seriously harm the health. On the one side, the high levels of salt in the seasoning sauce for instant noodles will lead to the high blood pressure. On the other side, the man-made fat or trans fatty acids in the seasoning bag will cause cardiovascular problems.

BBQ food

Many BBQ foods are made in the street or unhealthy environment, which may incur many viruses. Also the BBQ food contains 3, 4-benzypprene, which is a strong carcinogen.

Cold desserts


Cold desserts seem to be the must-have items after dinner. There are ice creams, cold sweets and others. This kind of food has 3 dangers: high cream, high sugar and low temperature. High cream can lead to obesity. High sugar can reduce the appetite. Low temperature can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.



Preserves are foods made by cooking fruits such as plums and dates with a large amount of sugar so that they can be kept for a long period. Some preserves contain rich nitrite, which can form carcinogenic substance in the human body. Some preserves are added with chemicals like saccharin or flavoring agent, which can damage the liver and other organs.

It may be unfair to say that they are junk food, but still we highly suggest not to eat too much of the above-mentioned food.