Healthy Food for Women

4 healthy food are good for women

Health building is a hot topic in China. Especially for women, proper diet is very important. Below we list some food, which are extremely helpful for women to improve the health status.



According to the nutritionist, eating 50g-100g fresh tomatoes per day per capita can meet the needs of the human body on several vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes are rich in tomatin, malic acid, citric acid and sugar, which can restrain the bacteria and promote digestion.

Red rice


Red rice contains rich starch and plant protein, which can give enough power support for the body. Also it has abundant ferrous substances, which can prevent against anemia. Also in the red rice, there are a lot of phosphorus, vitamin A and B group, which can improve night blindness and beriberi problems.



Among the fruit family, orange is regarded as the beauty fruit. It has rich Vitamin C, which is the good antioxidant esteemed by the modern science. Oranges are good for cancer patients as well, as it can inhibit the bad cholesterol oxidation and protect cholesterol and heart.



The carrot contains a lot of cellulose B vitamins and other elements, which can promote the gastrointestinal movement. So it is very good for constipation and pimple patients.Also the enzyme in carrots can help dissolve the starch and fat in the body. So it is a very good diet food for women.