Hotel Price of Sanya Lowered for Tourists

Hotel Price of Sanya Lowered by 2.5%
To greet the coming National Holiday, Sanya Tourism Bureau and Commodity Price Bureau join hands on standardizing the tourism market and lowering hotel prices, seafood quotations as well as tickets at the scenic spots.

Sanya Commodity Price Bureau has published the guiding prices of hotels during the National Holiday. According to the statistics, the average price for a single room in Sanya’s hotel is RMB1242/day, which is 2.5% lower than the same period last year.

Seafood price was widely complained this Spring Festival. Starting from Sep. the relevant departments to the seafood have rearranged the price scales of the seafood in three levels based on the purchase costs. The average price of the seafood is 20% lower.

On the fare issue, around 6 scenic spots in Hainan province have adjusted their tickets to a lower level. Among them, 4 scenic spots are located in Sanya. Visitors will benefit from the substantial offers for this holiday in Sanya.