Kanghui Suspended the Wholesaling Travel Project to Japan

As the biggest organizer of touring Japan in China, Kanghui Touring Group declared that they would suspend the formerly approved project of 50,000 tourists to Japan. The aim of this project is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic normalization between China and Japan.

Kanghui owned 220 companies and over 5,500 offices and used to be the biggest wholesaler for the Japan tours. The director of Kanghui Touring Group—Mr. Li Jilie told the press that this decision was made within 8 minutes. All the leaders from branches showed the support to this decision.

For those who have signed up for the Japan trips, Kanghui will refund all the fees. To fight back Japan’s boldfaced action of purchasing Chinese Diaoyu Island, not only Kanghui, many tourists voluntarily started to resist any Japanese imports. Even though the Chinese government did not show any support on limiting Japanese products, this anti-Japan wave will continue as no Chinese can forget the World War II and the cruelties of Japanese. The history is not to be repeated, but to be rewritten.