Principal, Go to the Hotel with Me….

May 30, 2013

Picture with the Words: Principal, Go to the Hotel with Me, stay away from the kids! Fired on the Internet


Six young girls (sixth grade) from Houlang Elementary School of Wanning City, Hainan Province disappeared without a clue. The parents and teachers reported to the police and later found the missing girls. They were taken to two hotels in Haikou(capital city in Hainan Province) by the school Principal and a city official.

The hospital confirmed that all of these 6 girls had injuries or bruises on their lower body areas.

This notorious incident aroused public outrage. Many Chinese netizens posted their pictures with the words: Principal, go to the hotel with me. My phone number is 110 (police line)and stay away from children. to express their discontent. The two suspects were arrested immediately and were transferred to the local procuratorate, facing the child molestation charge.

Even though the case is still in progress, the harms have been done. Someone must be responsible for the whole issue. We strongly think the administrator of the regional Department of Education should resign for his lack of supervision.