Qinghai Lake and Animaqin Mountain Qualifying as the National Geological Parks

Information from the Department of Land Resources of Qinghai said that the Qinghai Lake and Animaqin Mountain had already acquired the qualifications as National Geological Parks. The local government is working on the construction of these two sites. Up to now, Qinghai will own a total of 7 national geological parks.


Qinghai Lake, the biggest inland saline lake in China, is the embodiment of unique geology, geography and humanity. As the precious heritage from the nature, Qinghai Lake is of high value in tourism. Within the Park of Qinghai Lake, there are 34 geological resources, among which, 2 are world-level geological resources, 17 state-level geological resources and 15 provincial geological resource.

Animaqin Mountain is located in the county of Maqin. It is the result of tectonic movement. You can find the fracture, glacier and many other geological relics. Animaqin Mountain is of high value in science and aesthetics.

With the opening of these national geological parks, the local tourism will boom. Qinghai will attract more visitors with its breathtaking scenery.