Saving Tips

Economy is still down and the depression goes on. It is time to cut your credit cards and learn some saving tips.


Think twice before your actual purchase
It happens to all of us that we might buy some unnecessary things out of impulse. To avoid this, the best way is to ask yourself one question before the purchase: Do I really need this?

Try op shops
Brand clothes, designer labels and new stuffs are unnecessary expenses. Styles change every season. It is no use following the trend. Paying a coat at USD500 in the department store can get you 10 more coats in an op shop.

Sign up for discount activities
Many companies or stores will offer special prices on special holidays or events.  Check the latest news from the posters and websites. Once you find some products you long for are on the special list, click the button and act on it.

Book your ticket earlier
This is a pretty saving way for tourists. If you book earlier, say, one year in advance, you might be able to get a free ticket. Many airliners launch some attractive pricing packages for early bookers. Remember to plan your trip first and log into the airliners’ websites for good luck.

Eat at home
Even though fast food is very convenient and inexpensive, cooking meals at home can still be cheaper  than take-outs. What is more, home-made dishes are healthier, which can save you a lot of medical care budget.