Shanghai Published the Details of Toll-free Highway Policy

The long holiday is only around 10 days away. Shanghai yesterday revealed the details of suspending the toll collections for the coming 8-day holiday. Many highways, East Sea Bridge and Changjiang Tunnel-bridge are all included in the free list.


It is expected that Sep. 30 will be the peak day and the traffic volume might reach over 1 million which will be 40% higher than that of the regular days.

During the Autumn Festival and National Holidays, all the vehicles with seven seats or less are entitled to the toll-free benefits. The free periods start from 00:00 of Sep.30 to 24:00 of Oct. 7.

The traffic department told the press that suspending the road tolls of highways during the holidays can relieve the costs of the self-driving tour by half. Also the car rental business will be hugely lifted.

Meanwhile the traffic jam has to be taken into consideration. Millions of  tourists will flood into the city and the total of vehicle numbers might be over one million in the peak time.