The Long Holiday Breeds Booming Tourism

With the arrival of 8-day long holiday, more and more Chinese visitors will start their tour plans next week. It is expected that more than 660 million people will get their travel started on Sep. 29. This estimated number is 8.8% higher than the same period last year.

The new toll-free policy will allow more cars and motorcycles to speed on the roads and bridges. The spokesman for the Ministry of Transport said that a daily average of 82.5 million tourists would be admitted to the railways, roads and airlines.

Sep. 30 and Oct. 7 will be the busiest days for the traffic. According to the forecast, the peak day will fall on Sep. 30, the first day of the long holiday. Around 86 million travelers will go out on that day.

Even though cars with seven seats or less will not be charged against tolls, they still need to slow down at the tollgates for the pass card, which may cause heavy congestion.

This year, the number of self-driving tourists  is about to be sharply increased. The long holiday and toll-free pass will prompt the boom of Chinese tourism.