Touring Nanjing with RMB25

Speaking of travelling, many visitors will think it might be very expensive. We will introduce an economic travel with RMB25 around Nanjing.

The first stop—Xuanwu Lake
Fare: Free
Time: 1 hour

Xuanwu Lake lies in the northeast of the city wall. It has the history of over 1500 years. Xuanwu means the god of the north. So Xuanwu Lake is also called as the North Lake. The shape of Xuanwu Lake looks like a ham. It has not only beautiful scenery, but also numbers of historic sites.

The second stop—Taicheng
Fare: RMB15
Time: half an hour

The famous Tang poets such as Weizhuang and Zhangqiao once wrote poems titled as Taicheng. Taicheng connects the palace of the Ming Dynasty on the west end. Also it is the location of the palaces during the Eastern Jin Dynasty and The Southern Dynasties. Standing on the ancient walls of Taicheng, you can see the towering the skyscrapers of Nanjing and the well-kept old architectures nearby.

The third stop—-Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum
Fare: Free
Time: 1.5 hours

It is an AAAAA scenic spot in Nanjing. Dr. Sun Yat-sen is regarded as the Father of Modern China. The majestic mausoleum has become the must-visit place of Nanjing. It lies at the mountainside and is safeguarded by the verdant cypress trees.

The bus fee in Nanjing is RMB2 per time. So the rest of your money is enough to cover the transportation costs in Nanjing.