Tourists in Beijing to Benefit from 72-Hour Free-Visa Policy

Mr. Ding Xiangyang—vice mayor of Beijing, announced at the Fragrant Mountain Summit of World Tourism Cities Federation that Beijing would launch the policy of 72-hour free-visa entry for foreign visitors in the near future.


So far, this policy has been approved by the State, but no further details such as when and to which countries are disclosed yet. In China, Shanghai and Hainan have already allowed visa waiver within 48 hours and 21 days for foreign tourists.

For Beijing, 72-hour free-visa policy will help promoting the tourism on the sides of both the entering numbers and revenues. At present, there are over 5 million foreign visitors entering Beijing every year. After the policy, the entering number can be expected to be over 10 million per year. The average revenue per foreign visitor is USD1000 and the average revenue per domestic tourist is RMB2000. We can conclude that the consumption ability of the foreign visitors is 3 times that of the domestic visitors.