Houhai Bar Street

Surrounded by Shichahai Lake and Beijing Hutong, Houhai bar street is a hot scenic spot receiving thousands of locals and worldwide visitors every day. No matter it is walking beside Houhai lake, shopping in Yandaixiejie, pedicab riding in Hutong, or drinking in the stylistic bars and dining in a lake-side restaurant, the time in this street can be very exciting and entertaining.

No Name Barfour star
The boss doesn’t think he needs a name for the bar, therefore, it called as “no name bar”. If you like lakes, “No name” would be the best option, because it is located right next to the lake, the ideal place to appreciate the sunset, that’s why it attracts a lot of people every day. You’d better mak

Jiading Fang Barfour star
By the west shore of Lake Shi Sha Hai, which embodies a beautiful scene, shimmering water, shady green, colorful reflection, sunset glow, attractively standing a Chinese style bar called Alpha & Omega. She is full of elegance and classicality in this bar street surrounded by many lotus flowers.

Houhai NO.5 Barfour star
Renovated from a traditional Beijing courtyard house, it is situated in the heart of Houhai area (Lake ShiChaHai). No. 5 Bar & Restaurant covers an area of 400 square meters. Featured by a spacious glass-roof central courtyard surrounded by dedicate modern design, No. 5 represents a unique

Blue Lotus Barfour star
Blue Lotus was born in 1997, the first bar established in the Houhai area, as well as one of the most famous bar brands in China now. As the pioneer in the bar field, Blue Lotus made a great contribution to the development of the bar history in Beijing. It occupies more than 2,000 square meters.

Amber Barfour star
It is situated right next to the Silver-ingot Bridge, facing Houhai lake. When it’s getting dark, sitting next to the window to enjoy the peaceful lake, you may feel like you are in another world with no people & or traffic. The bar is designed in the Oriental taste, the ceiling imitates the Dunhuan

Zone Barfour star
Z-one was located at the east coast of Houhai. The name of the bar was acturally “Z-one” while it was always misunderstood as “zone”. Z-one was founded by a brother and his sister. Although both they two have no experiences in managing a bar, they add their own thoughts into the bar.

Water Nymph Cafefive star
Water Nymph Cafe locates at the west coast of Houhai. no matter it is sunny or rainy, you may always see the blue water through the big glass window. The name of “Water Nymph” was always misunderstood as “blooming in the water” or even “boiled water”.

Qiyue Qiriqing Barfour star
Double-seven festival was one of the most romantic festivals in China. Girls favours this festival most. Double-seven festival falls on the 7, July, Chinese calendar. It is only on this evening during the whole year that Niulang and Zhinu could see each other on Swollen River up in the high sky.

Gossip barfour star
Gossip Bar has three highlights: its “strange” name, its cocktail and its ice coffee. The handsome bartender there, regardless of the long distance, went to one favourite bar near Xihu bank for its secret recipe.

Bed Barfour star
Talking about the most up-to-date and the most relaxing life style, it was not meeting foreigners in Sanlitun nor drinking cocktails in Houhai, it was laying on bed and enjoy drinks in hutong. BED was such a place. This bar was acturally a Siheyuan, the living room was not so big with ondols against

The 70s Barfour star
The 70’s was founded by the young director:Jia Yongwei, with movie as its theme. The 70’s movie club attracted many young directors, writers, actors hanging out and chat together. Suggested wine: cocktails named after the movie.

Jianguo Barfive star
It is a bar with special decoration and graceful style. Fashinable people gathered and relax here. The unplugged music there serves you the pure music of the singers. Top singers or bands perform there each night. Let music separate yourself apart with the noisy city, search hot music from