Luoguoxiang Bar Street

Luoguxiang is an old Hutong district which was once the dwelling center for the rich and high officials during Qing dynasty. During the past few years, Luoguxiang has gained enormous popularity among domestic and international visitors for those flourished stylistic bars, shops and restaurants due to the government policy of renovating Beijing old Hutong area. Now it can always receive thousands of Beijing residents and tourists everyday in search of the taste of old Beijing and the afternoon easiness in one of those cozy bars.

Laowu Bar
Located in the deep of the Hutong, elegant in design. The doors are typical Chinese doors with two Menshen (door gods, warding off the evil spirit, like posters) posted on each door slab. The bar host comes from Britain, he used to be a plane designer. Because of the love to the traditional Hutong

Pass By Bar
The first bar established along Luguxiang in 1999, also the first theme bar of tourism in China. The boss is called as “xiao bian”, means small pony- tail; he biked to Tibet before, because of loving travel very much. At beginning, he just wants to find a room for people who loves travel to talk, to

Hongtongr Bar
Without noisy music, without crowded people, Hongtongr was more like a place where you may sit and chat quietly. The service is good. It also has a large roof-deck. Seated on the second floor, you may see the Gulou from afar, and also Siheyuan in the nearby area.

16 MM Bar
This is a nice cafe providing very quiet drinking space and movie shows. Going into the bar, you will be impressed by the movie posters hanging on the walls and comfortable sofa seats. Sitting in the cozy sofa with a cup of coffee on hand and watching movie with your friends, this could be nicest