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If you want to watch Peking opera show in Beijing, Peking Opera Theater can be one of the best choices. There are actually many theaters which offer Peking opera show, acrobatic shows and Kongfu shows etc. These theaters are considered as an indispensable window for the outside world to get to know China. But apart from these theaters, there are also many other venues which may better represent Beijing and tells the actual life of Beijing local residents. Tianqiao Theater and National Centre for the Performing Arts can be great example. One is for Chinese traditional arts and the other mainly for international artistic performances. Both are popular and both can represent different Beijing. Apart from these, watching movies in one of these nearby cinemas can also be a nice activity at night.

Stellar International Cineplex Huilongguan Branch
Located in the 3F, Hualian department store, close to Longze station, Line 13, Stellar International Cineplex Huilongguan has 6 movie houses with 986 seats. Covering 3,000 square meter area, it is a comprehensive and multifunction digital movie theater interpreted entertainment.

UME Shuangyushu Branch
UME Huaxing International Cineplex is well located in Zhongguancun business center, North 3rd Ring Rd west. UME represents Ultimate Movie Experience. The five-star Cineplex has 5 movie houses with over 1.200 seat covering 4,000 square meter area.

Showmax Cinema
Showmax Cinema is a modern multiplex cinema in south area of Beijing. It has 4 movie houses which cal accommodate 669 people. The cinema is designed by Catec, a famous Korean design company, and its simple, modern and elaborated decoration has win the recognition and preference of

Capital Times Cinema
Capital Times Cinema is well located in the underground 1F of Capital Times Square, Xidan, 2 minutes walk from Xidan station, line 1. It is a 5-star Cineplex with 4 movie houses which are all equipped with advanced facilities: Stong cineprojector from US, Ultra-star lens from German and screen from

Haidian Theater
Haidian Theater is the only high-level comprehensive cultural center in Zhongguancun area, Haidian district. The stylistic building has become one of the most important landmark building of Zhongguancun.

Wanda International Cineplex- CBD Branch
Wanda International Cineplex is a branch company of Dalian Wanda Goup. It is now the 5th biggest cinema company in China. Wanda International Cinema locates in Beijing Wanda square, Beijing CBD area with the total area of over 6,000 square meters.

Peking Opera Theater
As the key Peking opera theater of China first founded in 1979, Beijing Peking Opera Theater is the largest Peking opera performance group and enjoys incomparable status in domestic opera art performing area in China. Its fame has been extended to overseas countries.

Beijing Poly Theater
Beijing Poly Theater is now so much more than a just a performance theater. It has held numbers of international artistic event since 1991, and now it has win itself great fame in China and international art performing and cultural exchanges.

Beijing Liyuan Theater
Liyuan theater is the first art theater jointly established by Jianguo Hotel Qianmen and Beijing Opera theater. It has the accommodation of 1,000 audiences. The programs performed here are all well-chosen Peking opera.

National Centre for the Performing Arts
As one of most import project for welcoming the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, National Centre for the Performing Arts has been the focus of worldwide people and its established is not just for the Olympic events, but for upgrade of Chinese theatres, art stage and Chinese architecture.

Beijing Peoples Art Theatre
Beijing People’s Art Theatre is now considered as the cradle of Chinese drama artists because since the establishment there have been numerous great artists coming from this stage and actively doing their contribution for the development of Chinese arts.

The National Theatre Company of China
As Chinese national performing arts organization, the National Theatre Company of China was formed by the two theatres: China National Youth Theatre and China National Experimental Theatre in December 25, 2001.

Deyunshe Theatre
Deyunshe Theatre is now the hottest venue for Cross Talk art, the Chinese traditional performing arts in Beijing. Founded by Guodegang, one of the most famous cross talk artists and the member of Deyunshe organization, Deyunshe Theatre is considered to be the one who pulled the cross talk arts

Daguanlou cinema and drama House, renamed from “Dahenxuan Tea House” in 1905, was the oldest cinema in China. The film shown in Daguanlou at that time had no sound and film, in Chinese Dianying (electric shadow) just explained the story.

Red Theater
Red means much more than just the color in Chinese but prosperous and popular. Red Theater is a big architecture built with steel material outside of which all in red. The red building is really hot and popular especially among worldwide travelers for just the famous Kongfu show here.

Changan Grand Theatre
Located close to Beijing International Hotel and Beijing Railway station, beside Changan Avenue, Changan Grand Theater is decorated with ancient and modern style: classical Ming and Qing dynasty style chairs and tables, and elegant inside and luxurious VIP rooms.

Daguanyuan Theater
Daguanyuan Theater is located inside Daguanyuan, the replica of the magnificent garden of the imperial family described in the novel Hongloumeng “The Dream Of Red Mansions”. The Dream Of Red Mansions is one novel of the Four Chinese Classical Novels.

Tianqiao Theater
As the fist theater after the establishment of new China, Tianqiao Theater was built in 1953 for the purpose of holding big national culture events. During the 1950s, the theater had held many domestic and international classic drama and opera performances and done a great contribution for the

Huguang Huiguan
Huguang Huiguan has the history of over two hundred years and is honored to be the opera and drama museum of Beijing. The theatre is well kept in Hufangqiao, Xuanwu district with the total area of 28,000 square meters.

Laoshe Teahouse
Laoshe Teahouse is now becoming the hottest place for Chinese tea and peking opera shows. Laoshe is a famous Chinese writer who wrote many classic novels among which a play named Tea House is the most famous one.

Chaoyang Theatre
First built in 1984, Chaoyang Theater has been the main stage for Chinese acrobatic performances. It locates at the mid of East 3rd ring road, with CBD area of Beijing. Till now Chaoyang theater has received over 3 million worldwide visitors, and from presidents, high officials, ambassadors to busin

Tiandi Acrobatic Theatre
Tiandi Acrobatic Theatre Beijing is viewed as the cradle for training young Chinese acrobats artists. For booking Chinese acrobatic show tickets of Tiandi acrobatics Theater….