Beijing Theme Tours (all private tours)

Each and every one of us might have special interests on a certain specific activity. Some might want to discover more on Beijing culture show, such as the Beijing Opera and acrobatics, some might be interested in golf while others might have different taste and needs. Since we foresee the potential in this field, we have organized some theme tours to suit the needs of market. In order to add more colors to your Beijing vacations, we offer many kinds of theme tour such as kid tour, culture tour, golf tour, kung fu tour etc.

You are welcome to make selection on our variety of theme tour to find out the tour that you interested in the most. In this case, you can spend your precious time and get to know new friends from all over the world who share the same interest with you. This will therefore ensure you a pleasant stay in Beijing.

Beijing layover tour

134-beijing-tiananmen-square-101 BSS-01 Beijing Airport to Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City Short Stop Tour
Visit the imperial palace in a short time
Price: From US $73/RMB 450
135-great-wall-mutianyu-section-100 BSS-02 Beijing Airport to Great Wall Short Stop Tour
Visit world wonder in few hours
Price: From US $73/RMB 450
136-forbidden-city-100 BSS-03 Beijing Airport to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace 6 hours Short Stop Tour
Short tour including Beijing highlights
Price: From US $82/RMB 510

Beijing Shopping Tour

cloisonne-factory-100 BSP-01 Beijing Enamel Factory-Jade Store One Day Tour
Cloisonné & Jade
Price: From US $37/RMB 230
hongqiao-pearl-market-101 BSP-02 Beijing Silk and Pearl Market One Day Tour
Most well-known Silk & Pearl stores in Beijing
Price: From US $52/RMB 320

Beijing Culture Tour

cloisonne-factory-100 BCC-01 Beijing Paper-cut and Calligraphy Learning Tour
Traditional Chinese culture learning
Price: From US $125/RMB 760

Grassland Tour

zhangbei bashang grassland BGS-11 4 days Grassland tour to Inner Mongolia by flight
The horse riding, the fresh air and the legendary history of Genghis Khan wil make your tour more
Price: From US $650/RMB 3,900

Hunting Tour

prey-pheasant BHT-01 Beijing one day Hunting tour
Hunting, Target shooting, Fishing
Price: From US $208/RMB 1290
hunting-in-shanxi BHT-02 Three day Hunting tour to Oriental Hunting Range at Shanxi Province
The largest hunting range in northern China
Price: From US $16/RMB 100

Beijing Tea Trips

tea-house14 BTT-01 Beijing 2 hour Tea Trips
tea culture learning and shopping
Price: From US $21/RMB 130

Beijing Christmas Tour

local BCT-01 Beijing Christmas package tour
Enjoy an impressive Christmas festival experience in Beijing.
Price: From US $0/RMB 0
Beijing Xian one day tour