Grassland Tour

The grassland is a very mysterious creation. No matter how stressful you are or how big the thing is when you compared with the endless view of grassland, everything will seem to be as tiny as dust. And, this is the main reason why grassland tour is getting more and more interest from both local and foreign tourists.

When you are here at the grassland, then horse riding would be the most recommended activity. It would be better if you are able to rid property on a well trained horse but if you are not experienced in doing this, don’t worry; we can have someone to aid on you. Anyway, if you are totally not interested on horse riding, don’t simply give up the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the nearest grassland from Beijing. Besides that, the tour also includes reservoir boating at Guangting Reservoir as well as touring in many Grasslands nearby Beijing city and Mongolian Steppe in Inner Mongolia. Of course, all these activities are most recommended from late spring to autumn only.

Have you ever imagine riding on horse enjoying the freedom and wilderness on grassland? If the common attractions like cultural heritages, mountains and waters have lost their potential to attract your eyes, then why don’t you shift to the endless grassland for your next vacation? Beijing Impression is always ready to provide our best services to ensure an unforgettable holiday for you.

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BGS-11 4 days Grassland tour to Inner Mongolia by flight
The horse riding, the fresh air and the legendary history of Genghis Khan wil make your tour more impressive.
Price: From US $632/RMB 3792
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