Beijing Airport to Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City Short Stop Tour

forbidden-city-3-gate-of-supreme-harmony3 Tour Code: BSS-01
Destination:Airport-Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City-Airport
Duration: half day
Price: From US $75/RMB 450
Features: Visit the imperial palace in a short time
Availability: Everyday, but advanced booking is required!

Price of this private tour

Group Size Price (US$) Price (RMB)
10 Persons & above
RMB 450
6-9 Persons
RMB 550
3-5 Persons
RMB 650
2 Persons
RMB 740
1 Persons
RMB 1240

Beijing  Easy Tour Reservation

Duration: Around 4 hours

Good News: From Jan 1, 2013, travelers from 45 countries will enjoy 72-hour free-entry visa at Beijing airport, to learn more? click here!

Tour Schedule:
Upon arrival in Beijing, our well-trained English-speaking  tour guide & private car/van and driver will pick you up at the airport. The guide will hold a sign with your name on it. You will be driven to Tiananmen Square– the largest city square in the world. After wandering the square, you will walk directly into the Forbidden City which used to be the residence for the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911). You will tour for 1.5 hours then drive back to the airport after the tour.  (No meal)

forbidden-city-3-gate-of-supreme-harmony1 tiananmen-square-monument-of-the-peoples-heroes-3 (1)

Tour Includes:
Round trip airport transfer
Private car/van
Well-trained English-speaking tour guide
Entrance fee
Free-bottled mineral water

Tour Excludes:  
Any airfare
Tips to the guide and driver
Personal expenses
Kind Notice:
A. The Forbidden City is open between 09:00 and 16:00. There is no closing time of Tian’anmen Square.
B. Please let us know your flight details so that we may work out the best timetable for your tour.

Beijing Airport Layover tour FAQ, Tips and things you must know:

1.What is the distance from the airport to the Great wall and how long does it take?
It depends!
To Mutianyu Great Wall is 66 km/41 miles, 1 hour’s drive.
To Juyongguan Great Wall is 61 km/38 miles, 1 hour’s drive.
To Badaling Grea Wall is 73 km/46 miles, 1.5 hours’ drive

2.How much time can I spend on the Great Wall?
Generally speaking, people stay on Great Wall for 1-1.5 hours. Most parts of the Great Wall are basically the same therefore 1.5 hours is enough time to get to know about the Great Wall and its significance. You can also hike all the way from the bottom to the top and this will take a longer time. However you can also spend longer if you wish just to take in the breathtaking scenery and to be at peace.

3.What is the distance the from airport to Forbidden City and how long does it take?
30 Km/19 miles, 40 minutes – 1 hour driving distance.

4.How much time can I stay in the Forbidden City?
Generally speaking, 1.5 hours is enough time to spend in the Forbidden City and see the main buildings inside.

5.Can I still visit Beijing without a Chinese visa on a long stopover? I heard that I can stay for 12 hours without a visa – is this true?
Foreign visitors have to carry an entry visa no matter how long they will stay and the passport must be valid for 6 months upon date of departure in the host country.
Arrival visas are only for urgent purposes and can only be obtained by an invitation letter from a local company which has to be AUTHORIZED by the MINISTRY of FOREIGN AFFAIRS.
Short term visas (for stopovers) do not exist. Passengers on long stopovers who do not have the correct visas can only stay in the airport and are not allowed to leave.

6.If I am on a long stopover / transit and want to visit the Great Wall (or other attractions), can I go through immigration quickly, and what documents do I need?
Firstly, a passport with a valid entry visa is mandatory. An ‘entry card’ is then required at the immigration counter. This can be obtained on the plane and we advise that the form is filled out in flight to save time when you land.

A ‘Health Declaration Form on Entry/Exit’ is also required and this can also be obtained in flight. If you don’t receive one, please ask the flight attendant.

Finally you must collect your luggage. If you know you will stop in Beijing for a few hours, you can ask the airline to put a ‘Long Transfer’ tag on your baggage so that it gets put straight through to your next flight and saves you having to collect it and carry it around.

Please note that you can try asking a uniformed officer in the immigration area if you can skip the queues as you have limited time and really need to get to the Great Wall as soon as possible.